What is compassion fatigue ?

It is the long term psychological impact of working in the Caregiver professions. If you care about the work you do and the issues you process daily, you are likely to absorb some of the emotions experienced by your clients. Although unnoticeable at first, Compassion Fatigue can build up, impacting on the quality of your life. Anyone who works in the Caregiver professions is susceptible to Compassion Fatigue.

Jane Bradley draws on over thirty-five years experience as a professional Caregiver to create the "Keys to Compassion Fatigue" workshop series. With insight, humour and first hand knowledge, Jane Bradley reveals the process and experience of Compassion Fatigue, offers strategies that alleviate the impact of Compassion Fatigue and promotes recovery and resilience. The "Keys to Compassion Fatigue" workshop series is a must for all professional Caregivers

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